Wednesday, December 7, 2011

David's Chocolate Boubon Pecan Pie

It snowed. So I made pie.

I mean, it was American Thanksgiving. So I made pie.

Well, okay. I made pie with no excuse. It also happened to snow. And be Thanksgiving.

pecan pie

I had high hopes for this pie. David Lebovitz is a genius, afterall. I, however, am not. While this was one of the better crusts I've ever made, I found the pie too boozey. More than that, the chocolate chips all just sank to the bottom on the pie. This resulted in a layer of delicious crispy pecans on top and a delicious chocolate layer of bottom (chocolate is always delicious) sandwiching a sort of bizarre bourbon goo in the middle. David's pie doesn't seem to have done that in HIS pictures. 

pecan pie


pecan pie
It certainly was pretty, though.

If I were to make this pie again, I'd fill it with some sort of chocolate thing and the top it with pecans and caramel, because the crispy pecans at the top are the best ones and caramel is just awesome. So I guess it wouldn't be THIS pie. But it would be good.

pecan pie
And we ate it all anyway.

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