Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chocolate Chickpea Cake, Potato Cookies

Chickpeas make it sutiable for breakfast, right?
For March's challenge of hiding vegetables in desserts, I made this chocolate chickpea cake. I've previously made the internet sensation black bean cake, and while it was pretty good and was eaten quickly I WAS able to taste a vague hint of beany flavour which seemed to fade as days went by. In my brain, the flavour of chickpea was a better match for chocolate than the flavour of black bean, and I have a general love of chickpeas besides (with vinegar, mostly). In the end, I thought that this cake had zero bean flavour from the get-go so even if the flavour of chickpea was hanging around, I couldn't detect it. I think that the cake looks a bit dry in these photos, but it wasn't really dry. It had an interesting rich denseness, and I found it more filling than regular cake.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easiest Homemade Goat Milk Cheese

Late cheese post! I've been slow on this cheese challenge generally. It took me a while to pick up the rennet, and then I was just busy. But the mozzarella  the feta, the hallumi, the cream cheese--they are all on their way. There is weird fresh goat cottage cheese is in the fridge right now (from which I learned that Little Miss Muffet's meal was kinda gross). However, before I even chatted with the cheese man, I did make this rennet-free goat cheese. It's not really chèvre because it doesn't have the right culture added. It's mild but it's lovely and it's easy as all get out*. To make and eat, anyway. Not for me to photograph appealingly